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Remove Corrosion and Rust Easily

Corro Dip @ Work "Penetrates the most difficult and otherwise elusive areas to remove all rust and corrosion."

Corro Dip is a revolutionary corrosion treatment that removes all corrosion and rust from surfaces, leaving a clean base metal to work with.

Need a remover that is non-toxic and non-hazardous?

Want a  safer working environment while still having a powerful cleaner.

Try our guaranteed treatment.

Corro Dip      
Corro Dip™ from Liquid Engineering.

Corro Dip is a safe, easy and highly effective corrosion dissolver.

Easy application as a bath.

Indefinite Shelf Life
Non-toxic and safe
Dilution 1:5 with clean water
5 - 20 hours reaction for heavy corrosion


As an alternative to traditional acid baths CORRO DIP removes rust and all corrosion from surfaces, leaving just the base metal to work with. Non-hazardous, the process is achieved in a water-based solution and, remarkably, is biodegradable. Corro Dip will not harm glass, rubber or plastic and will only remove paint where corrosion exists beneath the paint. Corro Dip enables discarded tools and bolts to be recycled to a useable condition.

Safe, Non-Toxic and Environmentally Responsible

CORRO DIP is a concentrated liquid that can be used over and over again. Removes all scale and blistered material and leaves clean, metal surfaces ready for welding, drilling or painting.

We Offer A Money Back Guarantee,


Composition Blend of partially neutralised organic salts and natural acids
Appearance Clear greenish mobile liquid with slight characteristic odour
pH 3.5 (neat)
Dilution 1:5 with clean water
Treatment Place corroded objects in plastic bath of Corro Dip and water solution. Heating and agitating solution will speed up process
Store Airtight non-metallic container for reuse
Reaction Time 5 - 20 hours for heavy corrosion
Flammability Non-flammable
Flash Point N/A
Shelf Life Indefinite
Poisons Non-Toxic
Caution Product will strip Zinc and Aluminium may pit slightly - a maximum of 6 hours submersion is recommended

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